Questions and Answers Google Slide Template

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Sample Question and Answer Google Slide Template

This Google Slide template allows you to create your own question and answer Google Slides. You can customize your own questions and answers in minutes and have a Google Slides ready for your class.

This template features shades of dark red/maroon and not too hard on the eyes. It has 5 different question and answer pairs and can easily be replicated and modified.

Font is set currently at Impact.

Colors were configured using the standard Google Slide ascents, so it’ll be very easy to change the color of the entire presentation. You can use Color Themes for Slides Add-on to generate color schemes or use preset colors to customize this template for your own use.

This Google Slide template works well with the Bulk Text Image Merge Slide add-on(but not required) to let teachers import their questions and answers content from a spreadsheet into this slide template. Heading text, content text and image placeholders are configured with proper alt text title that matches the accompanying spreadsheet.

Sample content in a spreadsheet:

Sample output:

Video Tutorial

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