Science Jeopardy Style Google Slides Template

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This Google Slides template allows you to play Jeopardy style game on Google Slides. Features science questions that your class will enjoy. This Jeopardy science template can be used as is or customized. You can change the questions and/or answers and reimport the questions into the template.

In order to play you need to install Question Quest Game addon to your Google Slides.

Template Features:

Sample Questions included in this science template.

What do we call the imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole?
What is the name of the layer of gases that surrounds the Earth?
What do we call the force that pulls objects toward the center of the Earth?
What is the name of the natural satellite that orbits Earth?
What do we call the outer layer of the Earth?
Which planet is known as the “Red Planet”?
What type of energy does the Sun give off that warms the Earth?
Which planet is known for its beautiful rings?
What is the smallest planet in our solar system?
What is the name of the closest star to Earth?

Sample questions screenshot

ChatGPT Prompt to create your own Thanksgiving Holiday questions and copy directly into your spreadsheet

create 25 jeopardy type questions with a science theme for 3rd grade, have one question each line and the question bounded by double quotes, answer bounded by double quotes and question and answer separated by comma. example format “what do people typically eat during thanksgiving dinner?”,”Turkey”

Steps to install Question Quest (Jeopardy Style Game)

Step 1: visit Question Quest Google Workspace Marketplace page or visit Google Slides Extension Menu -> Add(ons) -> Get Addons

Question Quest Game addon on Google Workspace marketplace with the Install button.

Step 2: click install, select your Google account you want to use Question Quest

Question Quest Game Scope Authorization screen where you pick which gmail you'd like to use.

Step 3: Authorization, click Allow

Question Quest Game Scope Authorization screen showing you what scope is being used by this app.
This screen shows you once Question Quest is done installing to your Google Slides.

Step 4: Reload Google Slides and Access Google Slides Extension Menu -> Question Quest Menu

This screen shows you how to configure Question Quest within Google Slides. Goto Extensions menu, then Question Quest Game then Configure.

Steps to Configure Question Quest (Jeopardy Style Game)

Step 1: Go to Google Slides Menu -> Extensions -> Question Quest Game -> Configure (skip all these steps if you use the template above.)

Step 2: Pick your template color on the sidebar and then click Import

This screen shows you how to import Question Quest templates by pressing the Import Template Slide in the Initial Setup screen.

Step 3: wait until the slides show up and then click X on the dialog.

This screen shows you the pop up once it's done importing a template.

Step 4: copy Questions spreadsheet template by the clicking the link

This screen shows you how to copy the question quest spreadsheet template so you can customize your questions and answers.

Step 5: Update Your questions and answers here, DO NOT CHANGE COLUMN A AND B, AND DO NOT CHANGE HEADINGS.

This screen shows you a sample of the question quest game spreadsheet template on what columns to update.

Step 6: After updating your questions and answers, copy and paste the spreadsheet url back into your Google Slides Question Quest Sidebar, then click import questions.

This screen shows you how to import new questions and answers into your Question Quest Game presentation.

Step 7: Reset All and Cover all answers before you play

This screen shows you how to reset all and cover all answers.

Steps to Play Question Quest (Jeopardy Style Game)

Step 1: Go to Google Slides Extensions Menu -> Question Quest Menu -> Play

this screen shows you what menu to choose so you can start playing Question Quest (Jeopardy Style) Game.

Google Slides Extensions menu -> Question Quest Game -> Play

As well as minimize the preview left sidebar

Step 2: Make sure to hide the left sidebar showing all your slides, question quest is meant to be played in Google Slides Edit mode(not present mode)

This screen shows you how to minimize the top menu of Google Slides so that it looks clean when you play.

Step 3: (optional) You can also hide the menu system if you want more screen real estate.

This is what Question Quest looks like when everything is minimized and ready to play.

Step 4: (start playing) Let a team select a category then which box, 100 to 500.

Choosing a Category will automatically update the buttons on the sidebar.

Step 5: Say player pick 100 – they’ll be sent to the Category 1 – 100 points, once player gives the answer you can click Reveal Answer

This screen shows the question slide once a box is selected.

Step 6: Once the answer is revealed you can give score to either Team A or Team B

This screen shows the question slide with the answer revealed.

Step 7: Say you Give Score to Team A, this is what it looks like you can then click Go back to Main Screen.

This screen shows the question slide with the answer revealed and points giving to a team (Team A)

Step 8: Once in the main screen, you can continue playing. The screen be illustrates what if a box is already chosen, it’s disabled on the sidebar. Points are also carried back to the main screen.

This is back to the main screen.

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Template preview link for Science Jeopardy Google Slides Template

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