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Hi There,

My name is Harris. I’m the creator of features:

  • Classroom Feud Templates (family feud style games) for my Classroom Feud Google Workspace Extension
  • Question Quest Templates (jeopardy style games) for my Question Quest Google Workspace Extension
  • Pixel Art Activities for Math/Language/Education created with my Pixel Art Activity Google Workspace Addon.
  • And more in the works.

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Why I created this website. It’s been a passion of mine to integrate technology into my children’s education ever since we started homeschooling our kids during the pandemic.

While one of my kids went back to public school, we’ve decided to continue homeschooling the other. I’ve been creating educational games, gamified math drills as well as games to help my kids develop problem solving skills.

What I’ve built that you don’t see on the site yet.

  • Wordsearch puzzle generator
  • Solitaire battleship puzzle generator
  • Kakurasu Puzzle generator
  • To name a few.

My vision and mission for is to help fellow parents and teachers save at least 1-5 hours a month. And our goal is to help at least 10,000 parents/teachers by 2026. This is as a tribute to my late mom who has spent a lifetime as a parent and teacher to me and my siblings.