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Sample questions with partially revealed pixel art

This Free Google Sheets Pixel Art Activity features 2nd Grade Math Skip Counting numbers by 2 appropriate for kids ages 7 to 9. I use the Pixel Art Activity for Google Sheets Addon Extension to create this Pixel Art Math activity.

Template Features:

Sample Questions:

2, 4, 6, __8
10, __, 14, 1612
__, 20, 22, 2418
__, 140, 142, 144138
146, 148, __, 152150
154, 156, 158, __160

Screenshots for Pixel Art Math Activity

Sample questions with partially revealed pixel art

Steps to Get this Template into your Google Sheets?

Remember, you can create your own Pixel Art Activity if you add the Pixel Art Activity for Google Sheets addon to your Google Sheets. Takes 10 seconds to install.

To get an exact copy of this Pixel Art Math for 2nd Grade students, please visit the link below, this activity sheet can be copied for FREE.

Link to Pixel Art Google Sheets

If you want more interactive worksheets, please consider the items below.

Easily Create Your Own Pixel Art Activity for your Student/Kid

Step 0: Before you start you need to install the Pixel Art Activity for Google Sheets addon (check installation section below) and Open up Pixel Art Activity – Google Sheets Extensions -> Pixel Art Activity -> Create Pixel Art

how to access the addon in Google Sheets.

Step 1: Define Your questions in one of the sheets, make it the active sheet.

enter your question in a sheet and make the sheet the active sheet.

Step 2: Follow on screen instruction, pick a Pixel Type

select the type of pixel art.

Step 3: Enter an Image URL (this can be an image stored in Google Drive, be sure to make it VIEW ONLY to anyone with a link so the Extension can use it.)

enter image url and press Create Activity.

Step 4: Click Create Activity – it typically takes under 2 minutes to create an activity.

How to install Pixel Art Activity for Google Sheets to your Google Sheets.

Step 1: Visit the page Pixel Art Activity for Google Sheets

Step 2: Click Install

Click install on the Pixel Art Activity page on Google Workspace to install this addon to your google sheets.

Step 3: Select account

This screen asks you which google account would you like to install the addon.

Step 4: click continue

This screen is providing you with the terms and condition and privacy links.

Step 4: Click allow.

This screen is asking you permission on what it'll need access to so that you can use the addon.

Step 5: When installed, this screen will show up and you can click Done.

This screenshot shows you you have correctly installed the Addon to your Google sheets.

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